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Stimming DAWless Liveset - Online Masterclass (English Version)

The new DAWless Liveset Masterclass is the third masterclass with Stimming in the SINEE universe. In this masterclass he focuses on his expertise in the field of DAWless performances. He shares his knowledge and experience over the years with different studio gear and setups to give you inspiration for your own live set.



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Produktinformationen "Stimming DAWless Liveset - Online Masterclass (English Version)"
The new Stimming DAWless Liveset Masterclass is the third masterclass with Stimming in the SINEE universe! And with this masterclass, the focus is on another speciality of the exceptional producer Stimming. Over the years, Martin Stimming has repeatedly tried out new studio gear and new combinations, familiarising himself with a wide variety of setups. In the masterclass, he shares his knowledge and experience with you so that you can take away plenty of inspiration for your own or perhaps even upcoming live set. In over 4 hours of video content, Stimming shows you 2 possible live setups that work so wonderfully on stage without a laptop or DAW and take different approaches: A clip-based live set and one that encourages more improvisation. Stimming will share his thoughts on the combinations of drum machines, samplers, synthesisers and mixers in a very honest way so that you know exactly what the pros and cons of each setup are - and of course there will be a lot of laughter - this masterclass is definitely not dry! If you want to gain deep insights into the DAWless workflow and the construction of a live set, then dive into the exciting world of hardware together with Stimming!
Produktkategorie: Masterclass
Sprache: Englisch
Genre / Style: House, Melodic Techno, Techno

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Zahlen & Fakten:

  • On demand videos
  • More than 4 hours of video content
  • 5 chapters and 16 lessons
  • Lifetime access on videos


  • Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • Chapter 2 - Setup 1 (Clip based)
  • Chapter 3 - Setup 2 (Improvised)
  • Chapter 4 - Mastering
  • Chapter 5 - Travelling as a live act

Practical & Stage tips

Thanks to his many years of experience as a live act and thanks to his stage routine, Stimming knows exactly the problems that can arise when setting up a live set. To prepare you for all hurdles, he gives you countless practical tips along the way.

Two approaches for the stage

In the masterclass, Stimming will give you deep insights into two different live sets, one focusing on the clip-based approach and one focused on improvisation. Get to know the differences and advantages so that you are perfectly equipped to develop your own set-up!

Jamming & Learning

What could be better than watching Stimming jam and listening to his explanations? In the new masterclass we offer you exactly that, so that you can playfully expand your knowledge of hardware & DAWless live sets.

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