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SHDW & Obscure Shape - Online Masterclass with English Subtitle (Prof. & Ess.)

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With SHDW & Obscure Shape an extraordinary duo finds its way into the SINEE universe this year! Kicked off by the release of their first three records “Nachtblende”, “Wenn Die Masken Fallen” and “Die Weiße Rose” in 2015 – the two guys experienced an incredibly rapid music career. Their never-ending world tour, which brought them to numerous festival stages, has given them an immense amount of experience. And now the SINEE community is to benefit from this!

Individual and according to your taste – the Online Masterclass with SHDW & Obscure Shape is available in two versions: Essential & Professional.

You want to look over the shoulder of the successful producer duo in the studio? Benefit from valuable learnings and strong tips for your own sound? Then we wish you a lot of fun with the Masterclass in the Essential version.

The Professional version, on the other hand, expands the extensive online masterclass, which sheds light on the workflow and sound of the globally successful techno act SHDW & Obscure Shape. It includes aspects of strategic marketing, self-marketing and communication. The two guys from Stuttgart will teach you in exclusive lessons when and how to contact your favorite labels. Furthermore, chances and risks of an own label will be discussed.

For more information and to choose between the Professional and Essential versions, please see below.


SHDW & Obscure Shape
Masterclass focus

Content & Details

CLassic Drum Grooves

Grooves are created by the targeted use of rhythmic drums, although the mix must never sound too overloaded. Learn in the masterclass how SHDW & Obscure Shape design and process their drum layers and which effects are essential for them.

Easy Mixing

The two techno producers take a relaxed approach to what many consider to be a very complex topic of mixdown: they rely on their experience and their ear. Learn more important aspects about leveling, stereo field and depth in their masterclass.

Kickdrum Layering

For their popular kick drums, the duo uses the technique of layering different sounds. Long processing chains play less of a role in this method. Discover many new tips on low-end design and layering in the course!

Which Masterclass version suits me?


The full insight into the producing workflow of the worldwide successful duo SHDW & Obscure Shape PLUS exclusive lessons on marketing and the electronic music business. With these tips and experiences you will present yourself in the best light and avoid mistakes that hinder your progress.

Or Essential?

Doesn’t matter how you present yourself as an artist to the outside world? You just want to make sound? Then the Masterclass in the Essential version is your thing! Here you also get the full insight into the production workflow SHDW & Obscure Shape, but without additional lessons.


Introversion – Masterclass
Introversion – Online Masterclass

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Electronic Music Production 1 – Pro (6 Monatskurs)
Electronic Music Production 1 - Pro (6 Monatskurs)

149,90  / Monat für 6 Monate


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