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Important information!

Hello dear students!

Before the year is over, we have a great update for you: New instructors bring a breath of fresh air to the weekly livecalls!

For EMP 1 we have at the start for you:
Ausilio, Björn Torwellen and Pierce Treude.
(Unfortunately Mike will not be with us anymore in December)

In EMP 2 the livecalls will take place with:
Tobias Schwarz, Sven Wittekind, Ausilio, Pierce Treude & Björn Torwellen.

When is who coming?
We distribute the dates of the respective lecturers flexibly and freely on the respective livecall days. So it's best to always be at the start 🙂

Your advantage:
Through new lecturers you will get new perspectives, even more experiences and above all variety in the livecalls.

Video feedback:
In the next few days you can also order your video feedback from some of the new instructors. The lecturers will then be selectable for you in the feedback menu.

Final Productions:
As of now, we are collecting submissions of final productions. Certificates and evaluations will be distributed 2 times a year from now on. The conception can be handed in together with the production from now on.

Deadline for 2022 submissions:

You have questions and support? You can reach us at any time at info@sinee.de

Many greetings
your Björn

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